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How to Make Salad Dressing

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

How can we use ingredients from home to make a salad delectable?


This Lesson Plan is part the Nutrition Module of SustainEd Farms' virtual programming.

Background: Making Salad Dressing

With social distancing in full-swing, you may find yourself making more meals at home than you ever have before. While cooking at home may be more time-consuming, research has shown-- across different cultures -- that meals prepared at home are typically healthier (i.e. more nutritionally dense) than meals eaten outside of home. Buying and consuming fresh, local produce from your grocery store limits the time that your food has to degrade, whereas food eaten outside of home is more likely to be processed in order to last longer (decreasing the nutritional content of the food). Cooking at home is usually cheaper, tastes better, and provides positive social and mental health benefits.

With those facts in mind, it may be time to increase your consumption of salads! This simple recipe for salad dressing will use ingredients that you may already have available, and can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Perhaps you’ll find eating healthy easier with this light-but-flavorful vinaigrette!

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to...

  • Make salad dressing with common ingredients

  • Enable their own healthy eating habits

Academic Vocabulary

vinaigrette /ˌvinəˈɡret/ noun. - a vinegar based dressing or marinade


1. Gather your materials. You will need the following supplies:

a medium sized mixing bowl (1) · whisk or mixing utensil (1) · red wine vinegar (2 tablespoons) -- any type of vinegar will do · dijon mustard (1 teaspoon) -- normal mustard will do · lemon juice (1 teaspoon) · salt (to taste) · pepper (to taste) · olive oil (¼ cup) · vegetable oil (2 tablespoons)

2. Watch the following YouTube video to see a demonstration of how to make salad dressing. Then, follow along with the remainder of the lesson.

3. Combine the vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in your mixing bowl and stir.

4. While stirring, add the olive oil to the bowl, followed by the vegetable oil. Stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

5. Enjoy your vinaigrette on a salad of your choice! We recommend this dressing on some salad greens, along with a cut up apple, a sliced avocado, some feta cheese, and a handful of walnuts.

Bowl with homemade salad dressing

Additional Resources:

Download the PDF version of this lesson plan:

How to Make Salad Dressing
Download PDF • 668KB

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