Our team consists of our Board of Directors, Executive Director, Programs Manager, and several Program Specialists who are all passionate individuals who work tirelessly to ensure SustainEd Farms is making progress towards our mission and vision. If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to our Executive Director via email at

Isabelle Petersen - Co-Founder & Board President, SustainEd Farms

Isabelle Petersen

Co-Founder & Board President

Matthew Suprunowicz - Co-Founder & Executive Director, SustainEd Farms

Matthew Suprunowicz

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Mary Jean O'Malley - Board Secretary, SustainEd Farms

Mary Jean O'Malley

Board Secretary

Aimee Martinez - Board Treasurer, SustainEd Farms

Aimee Martinez

Board Treasurer

Maureen Bailey - Board Director, SustainEd Farms

Maureen Bailey

Board Director

Emily Gallivan - Board Director, SustainEd Farms

Emily Gallivan

Board Director

Alex Spangler - Board Director, SustainEd Farms

Alex Spangler

Board Director

Alli Chapin - Board Member, SustainEd Farms

Alli Chapin

Board Member

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